Jawaahir Dance Company

A Charity Auction Event


Welcome to our fabulous first online auction! Have fun perusing the myriad interesting items as well as all of our fabulous gift certificates to local eateries, special offers for massage and bodywork, a geneology package, an estate plan, uniquely tailored lessons with Cassandra Shore, Margo Abdo O'Dell, Tim O'Keefe, and Laura Harada, gorgeous belly dance costumes, coin and beaded hip scarves, vintage jewelry, and so much more!

Jawaahir Dance Company is dedicated to presenting Middle Eastern dance as a living art form at its highest artistic level, to bringing the rich folkloric heritage of the Middle East to the theater stage, and to providing education about the dance in its authentic form for dance students and the general public. In carrying out our mission, we strive to make our work culturally, financially, and physically accessible to the public.

We hope you find it in your heart to be generous! Thank you for supporting Jawaahir Dance Company!

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Jawaahir Dance Company

Thank you for your support!

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