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Anyone may view our auctions without registering to bid or logging in.

First-time Bidders must register to bid on this auction site. On laptops or desktops, the "Register" button is at the top of this page; on mobile devices, the register link is imbedded in the brown menu icon at the top right of your screen. During your registration process, you may choose to use a screen name which will show up when you place your bids. You may access bidding from your computer, laptop, or mobile phone.

Return Bidders do not have to register again. Just log in to your account.

To View Auction Items:  Click the down arrow next to the "View Items" tab at the top of this page; then click on "All Items" or the specific type of category in which you are interested or, scroll if you are on a mobile device. This takes you to a summary page of the items up for auction. Click on any auction item for more information or to bid.

Auction Start/Stop Times:  The auction is open for bidding from 12am on December 6th until 6pm on December 12th.  A countdown clock on the bidding page will help you keep track of time remaining before an auction closes.

Incremental Bids: Increments are defined for bids. The increment is the minimum you must bid over the current high bid. You may bid the amount indicated by the increment or you may bid any amount higher than that increment. That is, if the stated increment is $10, you may bid $10, $12.50 or $25, etc., as you wish. Bids less than the designated increment are not accepted.

Maximum Bids: When the auction opens and after the first bid is placed, bidders may place a "maximum" bid, which is the highest amount you will pay for the item. Our bidding system will continue to place bids for you (i.e., be a proxy for you) until your maximum bid amount is reached. If you wish to continue biding over your maximum bid, you may increase your maximum bid or bid manually. If bidding stops before your maximum bid is reached, you will be awarded the item for the last amount you bid, not your “maximum bid amount”. You will not receive a text or email when the system automatically places a bid for you or when your maximum is reached. Please login periodically to check on your progress during the auction. This is especially important when someone may overbid you when close to the closing time.

Text Notices: You will receive a text notice when you have been outbid on an item.

Additional Costs:  Tax will be applied to your winning bid at a rate of 7.25%.Credit Card Processing Fees: You will be given an option of covering the credit card processing fees which will ensure even more monies going directly to our philanthropic programs.

Paying for Your Win: Auction winners will receive an invoice from Bidding Owl via email directly after the auction ends. If you don't see it in your inbox, check your spam or junk files. Payments must be made within 2 days of the auction close, or your item(s) may be forfeited and returned to our inventory.

Taking Delivery of Items Won: You will be contacted when you win on the day of the event to arrange pick up of your item(s).


El Dorado County

Shingle Springs CA,

12/11/2021 6:00 PM

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