Lääneranniku Eesti Päevad XXXV Fundraiser

West Coast Estonian Days, Seattle 2022

LEP 2022 is holding an Online Fundraiser and Auction

Since 1953, West Coast Estonians have met every couple of years to sing, dance, and reconnect with old and make new friends.  Lääneranniku Eesti Päevad or LEP,  is our  festival of  everything Estonian. 

Seattle Estonians are excited to share the breathtaking beauty of our home in the Pacific Northwest as we join our hands, hearts, and voices to celebrate Estonian culture at the Seattle LEP2022.

Even though the main goal is to raise money, we have curated a collection of “items” of Estonian heritage and with cultural significance.

 Our hope is to build a community through a series of events, connecting us to our Estonian roots, whether through food, learning of traditions or meeting new friends in a sauna. All proceeds will go to subsidize LEP2022 ticket prices, helping keep the event as affordable as possible.

People will have a chance to buy tickets to both online and in-person events, classes and experiences which are donated by wonderful people from around the globe.

Depending on the item, a ticket will be available for direct purchase for a set price, or the item is up for bidding with a set minimum. 

Items will be available to view on Oct 2nd 2021


Items can also be viewed here: Lääneranniku Eesti Päevad 2022


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Estonian League of the West Coast

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