Operation STOKE

Holiday Party & Auction


About Operation STOKE

Stoke is a Seattle-based brand design firm that – for close to 10 years – has committed our holiday gift-giving to improving the lives of children: And equally committed to have some fun doing it.

This year, while enjoying a vibrant holiday happening – we’re auctioning off 30+ custom-designed skateboard decks from some of the West Coast’s most talented designers to benefit Skateistan.


About Skateistan
Skateistan uses skateboarding to incentivize boys and girls in Afghanistan to further their education…all the while enjoying “being a kid" in the face of violent conflict. The kids literally go to school for the chance to skateboard afterwards.

If you want to appreciate how truly worthy this cause is, watch the video. Seriously. (It’s just 2 minutes.)  

100% of the event's proceeds will go to Skateistan.


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(Co-workers, friends and family are welcome!)


EVO // All Together Skatepark

3500 Stone Way North, Suite D
Seattle Washington, 98103

12/05/2014 5:30 PM

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Operation STOKE

Thank you for your support!

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