Rasin Foundation

Haiti Fundraiser and Earthquake Relief

The Rasin Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with the people of Leogane, Haiti-- epicenter of the 2010 earthquake-- to improve the physical and mental health of the community and assist in economic and technology development. The Foundation operates the Petite Rivière Health Center, providing medical care to rural villagers who lack access to basic health care services. The center is staffed by nurse manager Miglese Bourdeau, and currently serves about 600 patients a month in addition to public health programing and outreach. 

Our staff in Leogane, survivors of the 2010 earthquake, organized Health Center and Kiskeya Guest house staff and local volunteers are now travelling to Les Cayes with a mobile clinic, providing food, water and medical assistance.  Understanding the need for ongoing support after an earthquake and the lack of local resources they plan to return on a regular basis. 

9th Annual Fundraiser

Adams Inn Gazebo
Quincy MA,

9/24/2021 7:00 PM

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The Rasin Foundation

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