Camden County Pop-Up Library Fundraiser

SIGNED Limited Edition of The Lyrics by Paul McCartney

Inkwood Books donated a SIGNED, VERY LIMITED EDITION (#43 of 175) boxed set of The Lyrics by Paul McCartney to raise funds for Camden County Pop-Up Library (CCPUL). Click the "All Items" tab to bid

Camden County Pop-Up Library takes books where libraries don’t go and gives them away because literacy connects and liberates people.  Every week, at three pop-up library sites, books are distributed and community connections are forged.  More than just books—and we love books—the pop-up experience provides friendship, inspiration and emotional support for readers and volunteers alike.  Our Book Arks, small free libraries decorated by local artists and managed by nearby residents, deliver thousands of books for all ages each week at 70 sites across Camden and beyond so our books are available 24-7.

Camden County Pop-Up Library is a tax-exempt non-profit organization.  The proceeds from the sale of The Lyrics will support us in providing more books to more eager readers.

ABOUT THE ITEM:  This is a two-volume compendium of 154 songs with accompanying stories, photos, drafts and artifacts associated with each song from the McCartney archives.  Just 175 copies of this made their way into the world. They are each signed by Paul McCartney, and come in a bright orange textured outer binder with the words to ‘Hey Jude’ embossed in the fabric.

100% of the profits will go directly to CCPUL.  The winning bidder must pick up the item at Inkwood Books in Haddonfield, New Jersey.  NO SHIPPING.  




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Camden County Pop-Up Library

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