Paws Unlimited Senior Dog Sanctuary

Love is Ageless

Paws Unlimited & Shari are devoted to giving comfort to abandoned older dogs.
To give them a soft and warm place to lay their weary heads for this latter part of their lives.

Knowing that they will not starve or freeze nor die alone is what we are here for.
A place where older dogs, who have no place else to go, can live out their lives well fed, well cared for, warm, safe and loved.

 Paws Unlimited exists to care for them, to bring a little joy and comfort and to make sure their "golden years" are golden.

They are the most special gifts and we are so lucky to look into the eyes of a senior and see peace and love. 
We sincerely appreciate any amount your heart and wallet can donate.
With love & gratitude,
Shari & the Seniors

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