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- Sowing Seeds and Changing Lives One Smile At A Time -


The mission of Smiles Of Wisdom (SOW) is to serve the needs of people in developing countries and the United States. We assist others in their efforts to sustain themselves through entrepreneurship and agriculture while caring for the environment. We use data driven models to provide long-lasting and self-sustaining solutions to people's most basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, mental health, and daily work. Further, we understand the unpredictability of natural disaster and provide relief and support as much as possible to help with recovery.


We're an amazing and determined team of professionals with specialties in mental health, academics and social services. We enjoy helping others and giving back is our goal. We join hands with our dedicated volunteers to sow seeds and turn our convictions into actions as we change lives one smile at a time.   

We invite you to join us on our quest to promote better opportunities for those we serve. Come join us! Giving back is very rewarding.

Happy bidding! :)

The items in our auction was generously donated by members of our community that share our vision. All proceeds will support SOW's mission. THANK YOU!

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Smiles Of Wisdom

Thank you for your support!

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