Vieques Island Animal Sanctuary

Give a Horse a Home

Vieques, an island municipaity located a few miles off the southeast coast of Puerto Rico, famous for it's thousands of free range horses.  Many of these horses are owned by responsible individuals who see to their care everyday.  Others are not so lucky.  In the desperate search for water and food they often damage property, are hit by cars, die of tetanus and suffer an endless cycle of breeding.  

Proceeds of this auction will be used to create a 30 acre equine sanctuary to give some of our most vulernable stray horses a home.  Those that are aged or compromised by injury or illness need a place to thrive with access to food, water and medical care. 

Local artist Michelle King has graciously donated a 16 x 20 oil on canvas titled 'Come Play With Me".  Her passion for horses is clearly evident in this work and is a reminder that every horse deserves time to play.

Ms. King has lived in Vieques for over eleven years with 3 rescue horses, one rescue dog, and a few cats that deign to visit.  Her work is displayed at the Siddhia Hutchinson/Glen Weiglus Gallery in Vieques.

We have set an opening bid of $850 which covers the cost of equipment to clear the sanctuary land for one day.

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Vieques Island Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

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