Boulder County 4-H

A Charity Auction Event

Boulder County Fair Product Sale!

This online auction will go live Aug 16th at 8am MT and ends at 8pm on the 22nd.

The 2022 4-H Boulder County Fair Product Sale provides an opportunity for friends and family to purchase the Judges' Choice winning projects submitted by our 4-H youth!

The 4-H members have worked hard on their projects, and we are pleased to provide an opportunity for them to be rewarded.

You may bid to win a member's product, or you may also choose to donate to certain members via our "Add-on" options, which is a cash pledge, in case y try ou do not win a certain item but would like to contribute to a particular member with an add-on.

Invite your friends and family to participate by sharing this bidding site with them.

(this system uses PayPal for payments)


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Boulder County 4-H

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