B'nai Chaim Online Chanukah Auction

An online fundraiser for our congregation!

Welcome to the B'nai Chaim Online Auction! There are many items to bid on.

You will need to register to make a bid. You will not need to supply any financial information. After registration, simply go the the green bar below our logo and select "all items" or the category you are interested in. The items in that category will appearl. Click on any of them to see pictures and descriptions. You'll see additional items (candles, gelt, wrapping paper) in the category "Chanukah." You can buy them at the original price or bid higher! If you have any questions, just fill in the form below.
Feel free to let your trusted friends know about the auction. We have a lot of items.

At 6:00 pm on December 11, the bidding ends. Winners will receive their automated winner's notification email sent by the system

Thanks to everyone who so generously donated items and services! Bid high, bid often! And thanks to our sponsor, Colorado Public Radio!

Have questions? Please contact us!

Congregation B'nai Chaim

Thank you for your support!

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