Delaware Small Business Chamber SCHOLARSHIP AUCTION

Money raised will go towards 40 scholarships to local high school students

 Thank you for coming over to our online auction.  We support small businesses and the larger companies that support their local small business owners.

We are looking to raise enough money to donate up to 40, yes FORTY, $500 scholarships to high school students in business programs to go to college or university in hopes that they too open a small business locally.  100% of all money that the DSBC raises from this program will go to the scholarship fund.  The more we sell, the more scholarships we can give out to help the most students.

If you would like to just donate money to the fund and not purchase anything, you can click the Donate button on the left to donate any amount you wish.

Check back often as we may be adding many more items as the month goes on.

We realize people from all over the country can bid and support this great cause, and we hope everyone believes in supporting small business today and into the future and the young people who will become those business people.   We already award a yearly $2500 scholarship to an adult in College, this is in addition to those scholarships.  Help us give to more local students.

Let's support our future business leaders.

For more information about the chamber, please go to or contact us at and remember to check back often for new items that will be added to the auction.

The Delaware Small Business Chamber is focused on supporting local small businesses throughout the state of Delaware and the surrounding areas.

Our belief is that small business should be considered around 50 to 100 employees or less and not the 250 to 500 as defined my many other groups.

We offer programs and opportunities for small business owners to meet and work with their peers to help start, build and maintain their companies.

Our members consist of these small businesses as well as larger organizations that want to work with the backbone of the future – Small Business.

Thank you

Delaware Small Business Chamber

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Delaware Small Business Chamber

Thank you for your support!