The Circle School Connection:

A Silent Auction Featuring The Skills and Gifts of our Co-op

Traditionally, fundraising at The Circle School centers around in-person events such as CircleFest or International Food Festival. This year, we can’t hold our usual community events due to COVID-19, but that won’t stop us from hosting a unique, Circle School-style, online silent auction! 

The theme of our auction is The Circle School Connection: An Online Silent Auction Featuring The Skills and Gifts of our Co-op. The skills and talents of our diverse community by Co-op members will be offered for bidding in addition to items and services from local businesses. We’re proud to offer auction items such as a custom garden installation package from Two Hoes Gardening and a private backyard concert from Travis “D.T.” Buffkin of The Texases. Check out the eclectic variety of items for sale and know that all proceeds will benefit our mission of educating Changemakers with the confidence and skills to change the world.

Circle School

217 Pershing Ave
San Antonio Texas, 78209

11/15/2020 4:00 PM

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The Circle School

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