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The Air Race Classic is now the longest running all women pilots transcontinental air race. Racers continue the long-time legacy of women's air racing that began back in 1929 when 20 courageous women flew from Santa Monica, California to Cleveland, Ohio.

In the early days of flying, women were not allowed to fly in any men’s air races, and so they decided to organize their own. The Women’s Air Derby evolved into the All Women Transcontinental Air Race (AWTAR) and has been commonly referred to as the Powder Puff Derby. Today, racers take part in the Air Race Classic and share aviation with communities across the U.S., and the host stops enthusiastically welcome the racers into their cities and towns.

In 2021, we held the first ever ARC Air Derby, a twist on tradition! It was an opportunity for each team to create their own personal cross-country route, promoting safety in social distancing. Teams and routes were not limited to just the U.S; women pilots from Canada, the Bahamas, and New Zealand participated! Teams challenged themselves and made this a learning opportunity that sharpened and expanded their aviation skills. Over half of the 200 participants were new, expanding our outreach and impact.

The 2022 Air Race Classic started in Lakeland, FL on June 21 and ended in Terre Haute, IN on June 24.  Over 100 women and more than 40 race teams traversed the open skies and competed for the top prize. The 2023 route starts in Grand Forks, ND and ends in Homestead, FL.

Funds raised in this Online Auction will be used to encourage and educate current and future women pilots, and increase public awareness of general aviation.  


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