Artistic Rain Barrel Program

Beautiful Barrels Created by Northern Virginia Artists and Schools

Rain barrels can be placed under your downspouts to capture rain water from your roof. The rain barrels hold approximately 50 gallons. They are 23 inches wide and range from 41.25 inches to 43.75 inches tall.  By installing a rain barrel at your home you will:

  • Provide your plants with water they will love!
  • Save money and water!
  • Protect the Chesapeake Bay! 

Twelve artistic rain barrels, which have been featured at local libraries, schools, community centers, and businesses, will now be auctioned to raise money for the Northern Virginia Rain Barrel Program. These unique works, painted and decorated by area artists, protect local streams while adding beauty to your landscape.  Monetary values mere estimates. 

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Northern Virginia Rain Barrel Program

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