Rain Barrel Art Auction

Port Washington Environmental Planning Committee

Welcome to the City of Port Washington’s Rain Barrel Art Auction!

By hosting this Rain Barrel Art Auction, the City’s Environmental Planning Committee hopes to encourage water conservation and responsible resource use in a fun and exciting way that Port Washington residents and visitors will enjoy. The rain barrels painted for this auction are all created by nearby artists, and will be auctioned off to benefit the City of Port Washington’s Environmental Planning Committee and their future sustainability projects.

Please support the Environmental Planning Committee by bidding on a custom designed rain barrel or donating to our cause!


Benefits of having a rain barrel:

A rain barrel is a system positioned at the end of a downspout that collects and stores rainwater from your roof to use later for outdoor needs. Using a rain barrel to collect rainwater from your downspout will decrease your household’s dependence on treated tap water for outdoor needs, thereby saving water and money. The water your barrel collects is perfect for watering lawns, gardens, and flower beds. The natural rainwater is even better for your plants and soil! Using a rain barrel reduces storm runoff, which in turn reduces the amount of chemicals and contaminants that are washed into rivers and lakes. Not to mention that it would make a great accent piece in your yard!

Take a look at the beautiful rain barrels and place your bid!



Have questions? Please contact us!

City of Port Washington Environmental Planning Committee

Thank you for your support!

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