A Generation Generous x ELENA PAROUTI Limited Fundraising Collection for our partner Non-Profits.

A Generation Generous limited fundraising collection of just five bags, created in collaboration with influential architect ELENA PAROUTI - combining unusual patterns and materials to tie attitudes with forms - enhancing the connection of generosity with a product’s fashion design.

Taking color BLACK as her inspiration baseline, the architect has used fluid, diverse, luxury and up-cycled materials to dress each of the five different color thread Generation Generous iconic bags.

100% of the net proceeds* from the sale of each bag from this limited collection will go towards the non-profits that each bag represents. 

*(only excluding 5% online auction platform cost and relative bank transfer charges)


It’s a convergence we’ve seen time and time again, whether in Adolf Loos’s polemical essays about proper dress or in the twisted rubber of a pair of Lacoste sneakers designed by Zaha Hadid. Fashion and architecture are both based on basic life necessities - clothing and shelter. However, they are also forms of self-expression - for both the creators and consumers - and affect our emotional being.

Maybe fashion refers to the actual articles one wears, but style is how you put it together and how confident you feel when you are going about your daily life. Similarly, our moods are affected by our living and working conditions –sunlight, cleanliness, comfort. On a deeper level, fashion and architecture have less to do with luxury and design, but everything to do with feeling comfortable in your own skin and in habitat.

Visit the GG blog post here for more information and photos! 

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12/17/2015 5:00 PM

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