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About our league:

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains along the Rampart Range, Academy Little League serves the northern communities of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Originally formed in 1995 with approximately 200 players, we now average approximately 62 teams and over 750 players annually. The league is a non-profit organization that is run solely by volunteers.

Fundraising for our fields:

In the fall of 2015, the parents and children of Academy Little League were heartbroken to learn that our home fields of ten years, the Fields at Focus, would be demolished to make room for a shopping center. We knew that securing land and funds to build new fields would be difficult, but we were determined to find a new home for our community’s ballplayers. Academy Little League is thrilled to announce an opportunity to build new fields at the Scott Hall Field of Dreams complex in Colorado Springs. This complex would provide a permanent home for the league and our ballplayers. Financial support is needed to make these fields a reality.

Please consider making a contribution by bidding on one of the amazing gift baskets and special donated items compiled by our team families! They really hit it out of the park with these and all profits go toward our field of dreams fund!

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