Shames JCC, Early Childhood Program

Spring Auction 2018

Welcome to the Shames JCC Early Childhood Program's Spring auction. It is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year where parents, families, JCC members, and the greater community can bid on a range of fun and exciting items.


Highlights for this year include local spas and salons, fantastic kids classes, personalized training, sports tickets, and so much more!


All funds raised will be used to support the JCC's new edible garden and cooking program. Ask most or our JCC children where the items in their lunch box came from, they will most likely respond with the name of their local supermarket.  We also recognize that historically and biblically, the Jewish holiday calendar revolved around agriculture.  For our children, the very hands-on activity of gardening is one way to make that very abstract concept of Holidays and the Jewish calendar come alive. 


Thank you for your continued support to our school and our children! 





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