YA Lifeline

A charity auction benefiting The Trevor Project

Librarians save lives by handing the right book, at the right time, to a kid in need.” – Judy Blume

The authors behind YA Lifeline believe that books can be literal life savers for teens looking for their place in the world. But sometimes, a book isn’t enough. For LGBTQIA+ youth in crisis, The Trevor Project has been an invaluable resource for almost two decades, and has saved the lives of numerous teens and young adults. That’s why the YA community is coming together to host YA Lifeline, a charity auction focused on YA books, benefiting this fantastic organization.

DISCLAIMER: All proceeds from this event benefit The Trevor Project. YA Lifeline is not affiliated with The Trevor Project in any way.

NOTE: Some auction items are limited to certain geographic areas. Please confirm that the item can be shipped to your region before placing your bid!

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YA Lifeline

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