FosterClub's 4th Annual Online Auction

Place your bids between October 17th and 27th

It's easy to get started!

1) Register to create an account - You don't have to have a credit card ready quite yet. Your information is used only by FosterClub auction to let you know someone outbid you, or that you've won.   If you participated last year, you probably already have an account. 

2) Find what you want to bid on Go to the FosterClub auction at: Click on “View Items” in the upper left corner of the screen to see our auction items.  You can filter by location or use the search field to find items that you like.

3) Bid on gift cards and other gift items  -- Simply enter an amount in the “Bidding price at” field and click “Bid”.   Optional - proxy bidding is new this year (just like EBAY -it will ask the MOST you want to bid and will bid for you up to your limit if someone is bidding against you).   Use the Maximum Bid field to tell us the maximum amount you'd want to bid and you won't have to keep checking back!

4) Return often! – If you haven't given us a Maximum Bid, check back to see if you are the top bid for the item you want. If you win, we will send you an email, you'll pay, and your winning item will be mailed to you. Easy-peasy.


CONSIDER A CASH DONATION. You may be able to win gift cards for less than face value. However, feel free to bid over the value, because you can get a tax deduction receipt for the donation minus the items' value. Or you can enter a cash donation right here on this site.... look for Donate at the bottom of this page.

Your contribution will help youth in foster care. 100% of what you spend goes to helping FosterClub with the mission of helping to educate, connect, inspire and represent foster youth. 

FosterClub has over 45,000 members. See more at Help empower youth to gain the tools they need to be successful.

Have questions? Please contact us!


Thank you for your support!

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