Bali WISE - Kartini's Day 2018

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The Kartini's Day 2018 honors the effort of R.A Kartini to fight for equal opportunities, especially in the field of education, between men and women in the modern era. This celebration not only empowers women but also continuously advocates for gender justice throughout the society. We have found the easiest way to break the poverty cycle by providing skills education to these young women.

The aim of the Skills Education program is to prepare the women for an independent life regardless their gender or origin. Through a six-month intensive course with free education in English, Bahasa, IT, hospitality and business skills, Bali WISE helps these young women in need to find employment and achieve a sustainable income. 

To this day, the program has successfully educated over 1227 young women. With up to seven million young women in need across Indonesia, we aim to give as many as possible a helping hand in breaking the cycle of poverty.

All proceeds from this auction go directly towards our women's education program! 
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The Quickest way to eradicate Poverty is through Skilling Up young marginalized Women.
After gaining Quality Employment, they give up 80% of their income to their family, putting their brothers and sisters through school and college, rebuilding the family home, putting healthy foods on the table and getting necessary medical care if needed. 
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