#18 Beatles - Rafael Sánchez, 2005

# 18 Silent Item

US $1000.00 Retail Value
US $ 500.00 Opening Bid
US $ 25.00 Min. Bid Increment

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the artist


sharpie, ink, tracing paper
12" x 9"

b. 1960 Havana, Cuba. Studied duCret School of the Arts / Rutgers University. Artist, writer, performer, collaborator. Look Don't Touch, Aljira Arts, Newark, 1985; Unfinished Masterpiece, Usine Ephemere, Paris, 1989. Teatro de la Cabeza, Nijmegen, NL, 1993; A Goat's Song, X-Teresa, Mexico City, 1996; The Libation Bearers, Thread Waxing Space, NYC, 1999; The Three Voices, Participant Inc, 2005. Not Over, Visual AIDS, LaMama Galleria, NYC, 2012. With Kathleen White (ongoing): Book Records Tapes; Somewhat Portable Dolmen; alLuPiNiT: the new york city environ mental magazine.

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