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Sheldon the Tiny Dinosaur who Thinks He's a Turtle is a tiny dinosaur who thinks he's a turtle. He has an acorn as a shell. If you're not familiar with the webcomic, go read it NOW:
This limited edition plush Sheldon is about 4" by 4", and can fit in your pocket or purse. He's perfect for bringing to class, work, the ice cream parlor (his favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip), or really anywhere. He loves adventuring! And he gives the best tiny hugs.
If you win him and you are interested, I can also knit him a pouch with a drawstring so he doesn't get dirty when you're carrying him around. (See the picture for the pouch I made for my Sheldon.) It may not be done for a while, and unless you want to provide me the yarn I'm just going to use something appropriate from my stash.

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