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The SF Chef knife 17 inches from tip to mammoth ivory pommel scrimshawed with the SF crest. The blade is forged from an old truck leaf spring. It is high carbon steel that has been differential heat treated and tempered to hold the finest edge. This blade and handle was made entirely by hand without the assistance of any power tools. The blade was polished to 1500 grit then acid treated and finished with a vinegar bluing. Then, it was coated with a thin coating of coconut oil and beeswax mix to protect it from rust. The hilt or guard is carved bronze in the shape of the SF shoulder patch with a habaki or blade collar depicting a scene of an 'A' Team making an airborne jump. There are 11 chutes in the scene as the perspective is from the first man in the stick looking back at his team. The other side is a Helo insertion of a team with the Helo just leaving. Both scenes are carved bronze mounted on copper. The upper portion of the handle is carved to be reminiscent of a goat's thigh bone as a reminder of Special Forces survival training in phase one, a subtle reference to Bones Fork Creek of land navigation infamy. The wood in the handle is all hard wood from Nicaragua. The 'X' in the handle was inspired by the crossed arrows in the SF crest. A knife like this can never be put in a drawer, so also included will be this beautifully crafted display case!. Check out the link below for additional photos!

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