Achilles II Knife and Sheath

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Jeff Conti


The last two years, I provided the Achilles knife for my donation to the annual GBF auction produced by the SF Brothers. This year I wanted to do something different so I chose the Achilles II. This knife was inspired by my friend and former Green Beret Jerry Bailey. The blade is 3/6” inch thick D2. It is 1 1/2” wide and 5 inches long. The handle is a full tang that has been skeletionized and tapered to a fine (thin) end. The purpose is 2 fold. 1. I am removing as much material as possible for weight. I never liked carrying a heavy crew served knife in Special Forces. 2. I love the look of a finely tapered knife handle. There is a finesse that this level of effort takes on and I like it. The handle sports beautiful Cocobolo scales and two brass tubes for pins and is epoxied with industrial T-88 epoxy. The finish is a hand rubbed varnish that can be easily reapplied by the user over the years. The blade is coated with Armor black CeraKote. This 2 part epoxy coating is the leading coating in the industry. My personal makers mark is etched on the left side of the blade and this year I have asked permission from the GBF to use their logo. I received their permission and have etched it onto the right side of the blade. All of my knives are heat Treated right here in my shop in a digitally controlled kiln. The blades are wrapped in stainless steel foil and a small bit of paper towel to protect them from scale and carbon loss. The paper towel actually burns in the sealed foil and prevents oxygen from stealing carbon and creating scale.

I have been making knives since I was 16 years old (1975). My father showed me the basics of sanding a blade and turned me loose on his wood working sander. I lusted after a hunting knife made my one of the greats Rod Chappel. Needless to say my rendition of his beautiful hunting knife was nothing like it. But after one year of effort, I finished that knife and then I was hooked. Next came a truly great friend and mentor Frank Johnston. His work still amazes me even after nearly 40 years. He really helped me take my knife making from that of a young impetuous person to a more professional and mature maker.

My father Larry Conti died on 11 November 2015. He was a Green Beret (Weapons NCO and Team Sergeant) who served in Viet Nam in the Phoenix program. He was a great father, mentor and a man who I have always looked up to. He is missed but not forgotten. I love you dad.

Jeff Conti

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