#6 Want to produce the next "Aliens"

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$200000.00 Retail Value
$150000.00 Opening Bid
$100.00 Min. Bid Increment

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Based on a comic book published by one of the majors, this feature length film is in development.
Full details are available. A Non Disclosure Agreement would need to be signed before we could disclose those details. Please click the Art for Charity logo and click contact us so we can send the NDA for your review.

Your winning bid will get you front end single card credit, Executive Producer on the finished film, credit on the poster and on IMDB.com, 10 All Access Badges to the production company Red Carpet Premiere of the film (transportation not included).

$5000.00 of the winning bid will go directly to the charity Izzy Foundation:helping families live, love, laugh and play during and after cancer. 5% goes to the biddingowl.com fees.

The remaining amount will go into an escrow account specifically for the film.

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Art For Charity - Izzy Foundation

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