#102 Jarana Segunda (son jarocho guitar)

# 102 Silent Item

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Authentic, hand made Tlacotalpan-style son jarocho "jarana." This is a traditional instrument from the state of Veracruz, Mexico made by Edson Roca M. with a hand-written serial# 30101118.

If you are looking to own an instrument with a rich culture and history, this is it.

The jarana is a guitar-shaped fretted stringed instrument for strumming that has eight strings. The "segunda" is the medium sized instrument in the "jarana" group of guitars. It measures 30in. This Tlacotalpan-style jarana has four double courses of strings tuned gG-CC-EE-AA.

The body of a jarana is carved from a single piece of Spanish cedar, and it is then hollowed out, with a separate soundboard and fingerboard applied. The tuners are wooden friction pegs. The instrument comes with a canvas gig bag.

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This item will be available for inspection at our gala dinner event on November 14, 2019. Go to sonesdemexico.com/gala for event details.

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