#104 Authentic Talavera Vase by T. Castillo

# 104 Silent Item

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This handcrafted ceramic vase (h. 27" w. 15") comes from the Talavera Castillo shop (est. 1991) in Dolores HIdalgo, Guanajuato, México. It is hand signed in the bottom.

Talavera pottery is a Mexican pottery tradition that dates back to the 16th century, when it was brought to Mexico from Toledo, Spain, to San Pablo del Monte (in Tlaxcala) and the cities of Puebla, Atlixco, Cholula, and Tecali (in Puebla) because of the quality of the natural clay found there.

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This item will be available for viewing and final bidding at the Gala event on November 14, 2019.

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