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Paradisus Dei moved into new offices within the last year, and with that move gained their very own in-house studio. This acquisition seriously upgraded Paradisus Dei's ability to generate life-transforming content with incredible economies of scale.

That said, the studio build out is still in process. One area yet to be completed is permanent studio lighting. Major filming took place in the studio three times over the summer months. Each time, lighting had to be rented, used, and returned. Permanent studio lighting would save not only significant time, but significant money as well. Cost for permanent studio lighting is $50,000.

This auction item allows the bidder to purchase a share of that permanent studio lighting, and in so doing, participate in the content production of Paradisus Dei. Each shareholders' name will appear on a plaque in the Paradisus Dei Studios to represent their contribution to the production team. 100% of this item is tax deductible.

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Two of the "shares" in the studio have been generously donated.

Paradisus Dei, Inc

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