Garden Makeover: 8 Hours of Consultation, Planning & Design

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Design a beautiful, sustainable garden or yard THIS SPRING! with Victoria Thatcher. Victoria is a certified master gardener and local food activist with over 20 years experience designing & growing gardens in California, the Netherlands, and New England. Extensive experience with cottage gardens, perennial borders, urban courtyards, shade gardens, container gardens, vegetable and ornamental kitchen gardens. Extensive knowledge of perennials, shrubs, trees, and native plants. Adept at helping you enhance the connection between your house & garden to create a garden you want to be in, not just look at. Committed to organic gardening practices and to helping you discover, enhance, steward and enjoy your patch of earth. Garden coordinator for Watertown’s Lowell Elementary School and project leader at the Belmont Victory Gardens.
Memberships: American Horticultural Society, Royal Horticultural Society, Maine Organic Farming & Gardening Association, Ecological Landscaping Association, Garden Conservancy, LexFarm Coalition, Grow Native Massachusetts.

What: You and I will work together to identify your landscaping needs, wants, hopes & dreams and define the scope of the work. I will assess your site and create garden designs and solutions (including built structures) that are beautiful, functional, affordable, manageable, and earth friendly.

First Consult: Orientation Phone Chat (15-30 min). You and I will get a shared understanding of your needs and wishes and agree on the scope of the project. We’ll schedule my first visit to your home for a site and needs assessment.
Second Consult: Site & Needs Assessment (2-hour site visit).We will spend about 30 minutes walking the site to assess it for sun, shade, soil, wind, etc. Then we’ll spend about 1 ½ hours identifying your needs, wants, hopes & dreams. We’ll also assess your resources (time, skills, money, and labor). When we’re done, I’ll take photos.
Design Work (4 hrs). I will sketch design ideas on 8x10 print-outs (printer paper) of the photos I took. The designs usually include not only plants, but also built structures (e.g., French doors, terrace/deck, paths, and fencing) and usually give high priority to enhancing the connection between indoors and outdoors.
Third Consult: Presentation of Design & Planting Recommendations (2-hour site visit). We will go over my recommendations together. If you want and time allows, we can create a rough plan for implementing changes, one that is affordable, do-able, and spread over a time period that works for you (1, 3 or 5 years, for example).

Additional Information

Bidders must live within a 15-20 minute drive of my home in Belmont.
All of my work on your project must be completed by June 7, 2015. You should contact me immediately after the auction to schedule our appointments as soon as possible.

Waltham Fields Community Farm

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