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Equaide Solution - The First and Last Aid for Wounds and Skin Disorders
2 ounce jar of solution in an oversize jar for easy mixing and application
A mixing stick and applicator
Bandaging and care instructions
One ounce typically provides three weeks of treatment for an average wound. Serious wounds tend to require five to six weeks of treatment.

Equaide was developed for the treatment of excessive granulation tissue (commonly known as Proud Flesh). It was quickly discovered that Equaide was effective at treating all types of wounds and many skin disorders. Equaide creates the perfect environment for wounds to heal, accelerating the healing process. Equaide is also very effective in treating cuts and wounds with miraculous speed while preventing infection and promoting hair growth. Wire cuts, scrapes, punctures, cracked heels, saddle sores, dew poisoning, rain rot lesions and bites heal quickly and more completely with a reduced chance of scarring. Equaide won't burn, blister, slough or scar, and there are no white hairs. The Equaide solution is in a water base, not alcohol.
Our unique formulation, which includes anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents, was specifically designed to treat excessive granulation tissue. Equaide promotes a healthy wound bed which accelerates healing for all wounds.
Equaide was also formulated so that the solution won't run or drip off of wounds and can even be used without bandaging (though bandaging is encouraged). Equaide also prevents flies and other bacteria carrying insects from contacting the wound, a necessity in the barn environment.

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