#6 Baking Organic Hearth Loaves with Rob Shakespeare

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Make Rustic Hearth Bread with Rob in his Wood-Fired Oven. For one or two “bakers”, no experience kneaded, but if you are a baker, be part of a process with 2,500 year old roots. Rob will have organic fermented dough awaiting your arrival at 11:00 am on a predetermined weekday, when it’s neither freezing nor raining. You will determine the bread styles together, check the fire, boule and basket the dough, maybe prepare a baguette and then have a light lunch. Lot’s of bread making and oven discussions and reference books to explore. Baking is likely to begin around 2:30 pm when proofing and oven temps converge. Will also bake one loaf in a conventional oven for comparison of techniques and time. Take a few select loaves home, along with recipes, a book list, and Rob's 5-year-old starter. Note that Rob is an amateur baker who built his oven in the back yard five years ago.

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