Personal Empowerment Consultation

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This personal empowerment counseling session may be for you if you are willing to receive support in making important progress in life, including finding greater passion, goals and purpose. You may consider this offer especially if:
- You know and feel there is more to your life then results you are experiencing;
- You’d love to improve or start a new chapter in life in any one of these areas: your relationships, vocation/creative expression, health and wellbeing, and/or financial freedom;
- You’d love to have more clarity on your goals, purpose and passions;
- You just want one hour for yourself (and this is well worth it!:).
You will discover:
- Tools you can use right now to re-discover your passions, or connect with them
- 3 essential keys to empower and support you through transition to a more fulfilling life;
- The #1 factor that causes people to lose steam when going after a dream, and how to stay motivated and override it;
- And more….
My purpose is to liberate peace in others by empowering people to ignite their passions to live a more fulfilling and rich life, one person at a time. My core passions are altruism, learning and teaching and transforming life's circumstances into opportunities so that we can all find a greater sense and meaning in life.
Do you know what your passions are?
We will focus specifically on transformational tools that will enhance your personal leadership development skills in areas such as relationships, profession (e.g. career changes and work-life integration), financial freedom and wellbeing.

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