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Choice of Games


What's better than one game? Twelve. That's right, twelve. Pulled from across the most popular and critically acclaimed games published by Choice of Games, with some new releases thrown in just for good measure, you're bound to find a game or six in this bundle you can use to avoid work, hide from your friends, and distract your enemies. With individual Steam codes for each game, you can also regift the contents, splitting them up and redistributing them among your friends to make up for all the time you spend avoiding them while choosing your way through a stunning adventure.

Games included in the bundle:

  • Metahuman Inc.
  • Hollywood Visionary
  • Psy High
  • Choice of Rebels: Uprising
  • Champion of the Gods
  • Choice of the Pirate
  • Choice of Robots
  • Choice of the Deathless
  • Gilded Rails
  • Heart of the House
  • Heroes Rise: The Prodigy
  • Heroes Rise: The Prodigy Legend Guide

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