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Cassie Alexander


What's better than having a novel draft? Having a novel draft that's been critiqued by an urban fantasy star and former night-shift burn nurse. (If you don't have a novel, you can swap in short story manuscripts instead.)

Cassie Alexander is offering a read and critique of the first 8,000 words of a novel, yours or somebody else's. A query letter and synopsis can be included in addition to the 8,000 word sample.

The critique will cover plot, pacing, readability, character arcs, voice, how well the opening works, and give overall, general impressions of the story. All critiques will be done in MSWord via track changes, and will be done in under two months.

Cassie Alexander is the author of the five book Edie Spence urban fantasy series, comprised of Nightshifted, Moonshifted, Shapeshifted, Deadshifted, and Bloodshifted, and has been published in Germany, France, and the Republic of Czech. She is an experienced workshopper, having attended Viable Paradise and Clarion West, and frequently is a writing workshop professional at conventions she attends.

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