#4009 Moroccan-Israeli Dinner Party

# 4009 Silent Item

$2250.00 Retail Value
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Donated by: Adva, Ye’ela, Sigal, Liat, Orna, Yael, Dana, Vered, and Tamar

AHALAN WA SAHALAN BIKUM! Welcome to the Israeli-Moroccan fest!

Come join us for the best Israeli-Moroccan party in town!

The top 15 couples will enjoy a multi-course dinner of the best Moroccan food! Couscous, Khobz, Moroccan Cigars, Chebakia, and more. We will serve authentic cocktails and wine. Get ready for Moroccan music and live dancing.

The party is scheduled for February 2, 2019 at 7pm at Fairbrae.

A night full of fun you will never forget!!!

Bids are per couple, adults only please.

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Buy It Now $150 per couple

Sunnyvale Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association

Thank you for your support!

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