KOR Teeth Whitening MAX

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Get yourself a new dazzling smile !

It’s easy to find teeth whitening kits that claim to remove discoloration, but most of the options available on store shelves are unpredictable, frustrating, and even painful!
Unlike other whitening methods, with easy and periodic home maintenance, KoR Whitening is entirely permanent

Customized Bleaching Trays (scan taken at first visit and delivered on visit two)
Kor Specialized Whitening gel for two weeks at home
Kor Specialized office whitening session

Additional Information

KoR addresses the underlying issue with other whitening systems. Accordingly to Clinical Research Associates (CRA), whitening trays only remain significantly active for 25-35 minutes due to contamination and dilution from saliva. In fact, saliva can destroy 29mg of peroxide per minute with the antioxidant enzyme peroxidase.

KoR combats this issue and protects the power of its whitening gel with KoR-Seal™ trays designed specifically to seal the whitening trays against saliva and other fluids. This gives the KoR system 6 to 10 hours of whitening activity, compared to just 25-35 minutes with traditional whitening systems!

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