#753 Darshan Pottery glazed ceramic pitcher-small

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Darshan Pottery in Rutland VT-See more on Etsy!
7 and 1/2" tall -5" wide
holds 24 oz.
Each piece of Darshan Pottery is hand-thrown a potter's wheel, glazed in lead-free glazes, and fired in a kiln
All Darshan Pottery is food, dishwasher safe
...In a Tradition....
As a youth I spent my early years charging across the dusty floor boards of my grandfather's pottery studio. For the gang of us, my cousins, my sister, and myself, the "pot shop" was a den for mischief and occasional skirmishes involving projectile nuggets of soft clay. Slathering ourselves, and each other, with those cold wet gobs was the extent of our interests in ceramics at that time. My grandfather, Jack O'leary, had been a founding member of the New Hampshire Crafts Guild and the thriving New England craft community in the 1950's and 60's. It was a family business, and while our uncles tolerated our shenanigans (and tried to enlist us in pugging clay)we eventually drifted away, rejecting the life of mud and dust. It wasn't until years later that I discovered the magic of this craft and attempted to embrace my lineage. In these times of shifting sensibilities and economic anxieties, I find a rootedness, a heartiness and dependibility, in this earthly endeavor. Feeling the wet clay rise in my hands as the wheel spins relaxes me,relieves me of my own anxieties. When I am creating pots in my studio, I strive to bring spontaneity and life to the process of working with clay.

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