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Leon Doucette


Artist: Leon Doucette & Melissa Cooper

Item Description: Bowl is 13.5” diameter x 3.5” high

About the Artist:
Leon Doucette was born in Gloucester, raised in Lanesville, and graduated from Gloucester High School in 2007. Leon studied painting at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, receiving a BFA in 2011. That same year he returned to Gloucester and was hired as the curatorial assistant at the Cape Ann Museum. Eight years later he still serves as the curator’s right hand, while continuing to pursue his artwork outside of the museum. “I typically work in oil or charcoal and my subject matter generally includes portraiture, the human figure, and still life.”
His work has been featured by the Society of Illustrators, The Art Renewal Center, and- most recently- one of his drawings received a first-place award at the Portrait Society of America’s 20th Annual International Portrait Competition.Melissa Cooper

Like most artists, I’ve been drawing since I was a young child. Early on, I used to re-draw my favorite characters from story books or cartoons. In school growing up, I always loved my art classes and any school project where I could include a hand drawn title page or a colored diagram. I liked pretty much anything design related. That being said, later in life when I first started college, I still wasn’t quite sure what my niche was. In 2009, I enrolled at the New Hampshire Institute of Art where I started in the illustration department. A couple years in, I realized that all my favorite classes leaned toward fine art, rather than illustration. Specifically, I loved learning a more technical and realist approach to painting and drawing what I could see. Thus, I switched to the painting department. During these years, I really fell in love with oil painting, particularly painting the human figure.

Melissa Cooper

After graduating with highest honors and receiving my BFA, I moved to Massachusetts. Though I’m not a full-time artist, I dedicate most of my week to painting and drawing. I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to take workshops with a few of my favorite contemporary artists, including Jordan Sokol, Jacob Collins, and Edward Minoff. These experiences helped provide me with a glimpse into the atelier approach to painting the figure and portrait. I can be a little bit of a perfectionist, so the academic and traditional style of painting really resonates with me. I am also a huge admirer of paintings and sculptures from the late 19th century. These classical paintings provide me with a lot of inspiration and drive to paint!

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Winning bidders may arrange to pick up their bowls at The Open Door (28 Emerson Ave.) or arrange to have their bowl(s) shipped to them for the cost of postage.

To arrange pickup or shipping email: hannah.morris@foodpanty.org

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