Weaselskin Equestrian Center-3 One Hour Training/Riding Lessons

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Our purpose is to educate an individual by working as a team with horses – not to
control – but work alongside the horse through difficult situations; therefore
improving problem solving skills and life lessons of the student. We believe that
each good moment is worth celebrating and every step is one step closer to
success. We praise the moments that go well and acknowledge, work through,
and learn from the difficult ones. We are here for a partnership with the horse.
Self Esteem:
• Belief in yourself
• Accepting that mistakes will happen, learning and growing from them
• Being aware that every action has a reaction
• Accepting responsibility for your actions
Communication Skills:
• Asking the horse, not forcing, coercing, or dominating
• Knowing that the horse can respond “No”
• Having trust in the bigger picture not just “me”
• Creating belief based on experiences and proof
• Giving of yourself in order to achieve a mutual goal
• Developing a team of two, process of give and take
• Working with the horse as an equal
• Accepting that both you and the horse will make mistakes
and allowing each other to try again to correct the situation
Intelligence Development
• Build reasoning skills not just thinking and acting
• Understanding how balance and motion are influenced by another being

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