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Veronica Reeves
Acrylic on wood
32"h x 42"w

About the artist

Veronica Reeves is a polychromatic artist out of Scrapoose, OR. Her artwork is always bold, and wrestles together exceptional ranges of color to create impalpable human spaces. Working primarily with acrylic, oil and spray paint Reeves creates paintings that hold your attention with thoughtful details that require a good long stare.

Reeves is also a leading force behind the curatorial project Dispersal Collective with Portland artist Jason Berlin. Dispersal Collective is a mail art project consisting of open calls for mail art and accessible exhibition opportunities with the intention of garnering public participation in the creation of mail art. Dispersal’s mission is to cultivate the exchange of tactile ideas between individuals across physical distance with the hope of producing greater empathic connections.

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All artwork is sold as is. Sales are final. Artwork should be picked up at the museum between 8pm-10pm on February 29 or March 4-7, during business hours. Purchases will not be shipped.

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