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Sue Jensen
Encaustic paint on panel
12"h x 12"w

About the artist

"I’ve been painting for over 32 years and teaching for 25. My work has evolved in many directions over the years. I love the process of making art. It brings out a feeling that is calming and centering. After all these years, I’ve gotten past the self criticism usually accompanying early painting and don’t worry so much. I’ve got my dad to thank for his encouragement. He was an amazing painter and drawer, but didn’t get to use it much in his life. I hope he’s watching and is happy for me.

Right now I’m working on encaustics, collages, and acrylics. Encaustic painting uses beeswax and damar resin, heated on a palette. Each layer of wax applied, whether clear or colored, must be fused to the layer below. This way a solid foundation is established and the wax is embedded into the surface, thus becoming archival. This method is older than oils, so has been tested well. The Greeks used this wax mixture in shipbuilding, and the early Egyptians used this method in their famous Fayem portraits. I just love the surface work and the feel and smell of the beeswax.

To paint my collages I make the papers with tissue, acrylics, inks, homemade stamps and just brushstrokes. Then these are applied along with the paint and this process just goes on and on. There might be some acrylic transfer going on, and maybe some build up with acrylic mediums.

Over the years it has been a pleasure to share my experience with many, many students, and to place my work in homes across the country."

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