Earth Goddess Healing Cape

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Artist Pamela Hale

"I consider creativity to be my saving grace. I am a two-time breast cancer survivor and the third out of four generations of women to go through the breast cancer journey. The goal of my creation is to highlight the beauty and wholeness of our Mother Earth, who has suffered as we have, and who teaches us resilience.

This cape has layered symbolism. I see the wearer wrapped in the beauty of the earth, receiving beauty as medicine. I feel the mother earth cradling her, even while the Mother is suffering from her own version of cancer. The wearer takes on the sacred medicine residing within every tree and stone and body of water, and becomes a ceremonialist, declaring the sacredness of all life including hers. In this way she becomes an earth goddess, a shaman and a healer who holds the vision that all is well. Regardless of whether illness is present, she heals herself and all around her.

I dedicate this cape to the four generations on my mother’s side who have suffered from breast cancer, especially to my eldest daughter, Laura Weaver, who has had a recurrence; she is in remission and doing well."

Pam is devoted to sharing tools for physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness and to strengthen our sense of the sacred in this time of planetary crisis and have practiced shamanic energy medicine for 19 years.

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All capes will be available for pick-up at the SAACA office, located in the Tucson Mall, between January 9th - January 24th. Winning donors will be contacted by January 1, 2020. To arrange shipping requests, please contact Amanda Staples, Artistic Programs Manager, at


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