Ilona Geraldine

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Artist: Damien Taylor

On February 24, 2019, Ilona Geraldine Taylor left this earthly plane after two decades with three forms of cancer. First ovarian cancer, then breast cancer and finally a tumor which metastasized to her spinal column. She was 73 years young. The idea is to repurpose and restructure with resounding design. I have embellished a Mammocape with elements from Auntie Ilona's wardrobe and drawing from her inspiration and imaginative design sensibility bring to life her essence of style, sophistication and resilience.

Through each stage, 1, 2, 3 and stage 4 twice, Auntie Ilona maintained a perseverant and stylish stature. Dressing for monthly treatments as though she were heading for a ladies lunch. We enjoyed lots of time over the years window shopping and researching DIY ways of accenting her wardrobe and home.

Being given the opportunity to design a Mammoncape is a creative and loving way to honor Auntie Ilona's memory."

As a professional butler and world traveler, Damien has had lots of exposure to the art and design in private, public and global environments. Additionally, prior to attending college at SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology, she worked five years as studio manager for a cosmetic package design firm in New York City.

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All capes will be available for pick-up at the SAACA office, located in the Tucson Mall, between January 9th - January 24th. Winning donors will be contacted by January 1, 2020. To arrange shipping requests, please contact Amanda Staples, Artistic Programs Manager, at


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