Jane Austen. Five Vintage Paperbacks.

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Mix of five vintage paperbacks with fabulous covers, from 1960 to the mid-1990s, three of which appear in The Lost Books of Jane Austen (pp. 193, 231, 232). The standout rarity here is the copy of Pride and Prejudice published in 1959 by Paul Elek of London as part of the “Bestseller Library” series. Original price in 1960 was 3s.6d. [Gilson records it at E303, noting “not seen.”]

1. Pride and Prejudice (Paul Elek)

2. Emma (Penguin Library)

3. Emma (Campus Classic)

​4. Emma (Signet)

5. Sense and Sensibility (Tor)

Donated by Janine Barchas

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