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Illustrated by Maximilien Vox.
London: J. M. Dent & Sons, 1933-34. 4 vols.

The full set was seven volumes [not numbered], but here included are four: P&P, NA, Persuasion, and Sanditon. All have the special endpapers with Jane Austen’s initials.

The P&P volume was once claimed by “Joan Mary Redman, November 1940” who was willing to share her books during wartime, but only under certain conditions, which she wrote at the front of this copy with a bit of rhyming flourish in a youthful hand: “Neither blemish this book, (the leaves double down) Nor Lend it to each idle friend in town; Return it when read, or if lost, please supply another as good to the mind & the eye. With right & with reason you need but be friends, and each book in my study you[r] pleasure attends.” As a result, her copy (and the other three) remains in very good nick. [Gilson E181]

Donated by Sandra Clark

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