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Boston: Roberts Brothers, various years. 6 volumes.

In the 1880s and 1890s, biographies of women writers, celebrities, and innovators made for increasingly popular series. The “Famous Women Series” was offered by Roberts Brothers of Boston in striking Eastlake bindings of variously colored cloths. Because the library collections at Chawton House already boast these six titles, this set of handsome copies can now be yours. Your purchase may prompt you to collect all twenty-two titles in the series, or it may just get you reading about some great women. These antique reads are in tip-top shape.


Jane Austen by Mrs. Charles Malden (1889)


Emily Bronte by A. Mary F. Robinson (1889)

Susanna Wesley by Eliza Clarke (1891)—remnants of Hotchkiss Library labels.

Mary Wollstonecraft by Elizabeth Robins Pennell (1884)—ownership sign. 1885. Ownership stamp later. Two detached pages; paper is brittle with some flaking, but still utterly readable and complete.

Mary Lamb by Anne Gilchrist (1883)—with contemp. newspaper clipping

Maria Edgeworth by Helen Zimmern (1884)—ownership signature dated

Donated by Sandy Lerner

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