#41 INSERT _WIDE, by Lynn Duryea

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US $1100.00 Retail Value
US $ 300.00 Opening Bid
US $ 50.00 Min. Bid Increment


Stunningly simple elegance will make an artistic statement anywhere in your home or garden. This slab-constructed, terra cotta sculpture evokes coastal landscapes with its subtle shades of blues and greens. The piece measures 13 x 10 x 3.75 in. Fabricated by acclaimed Deer Isle and South Portland artist Lynn Duryea, this collectors’ item can be yours with the winning bid.

A recipient of a 2019 Maine Arts Commission Artist Fellowship, and the 2012 Master Craft Award from the Maine Crafts Association, Duryea is a founding Trustee of the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts and is an Emerita Professor of Art from Appalachian State University in North Carolina. Duryea’s work can be found locally at the Turtle Gallery, www.theturtlegallery.com, in other leading galleries throughout Maine and on her website. www.lynnduryea.com.

(Duryea will deliver your work in the Deer Isle and Portland areas. Out of region buyers must pay shipping costs.)

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