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Courtesy of Ness Law: Individual Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney for Property and Health Care

Working directly with Raquel Ness via phone or video create your individual Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney for Property and Health Care. This package also includes a follow-up session to review drafted document and virtually sign once completed.

Why You Need to Plan Ahead:

It’s time. “I’ll do it one day” will be one day too late for your family. Take control of your future and your assets for the security of your beneficiaries. Save your family heartache and potentially financial distress, hire a Wills and Estate Lawyer.

Preparing a legal Will is the best way to ensure that when you do pass away your estate is distributed according to your will, and your family and loved ones are looked after. When completing something so important expert advice from a wills, estate planning and probate lawyer validates your final wishes in accordance to the law.

For all matters relating to estate planning, power of attorney and probate (executor of the Will)), Ness Law will prepare all the necessary documents correctly and ensure that you understand your rights and the implications of the planning process so that your Will can adequately express your wishes.

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